Good wishes for the future of the HfG Ulm

Something new that ties up to the benchmarks of the HfG Ulm

"At all times I have been fascinated by the evolutionary history as well as the ideas and products of the HfG Ulm that evolved during the short time of its’ existence. Now it’s time to look ahead and to investigate how the HfG Ulm Campus can get revived. Not as a replication of the past but as something new that ties up to the benchmark of the HfG Ulm. Once again, unique creative design shall set high standards in the world of design.

Ivo Gönner, Lord Mayor of the City of Ulm


Unique institution of design creativity

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. mult. Theodor M. Fliedner,
Gründungsprofessor der Universität Ulm für Klinische Physiologie
und Rektor der Universität 1983-1991


View back and to tomorrow
The HfG Ulm School of Design (1953 – 1968) stood for a certain attitude in solving design related problems. Regarding its rigidity this attitude is of an unbowed topicality, today and in the future. Therefore, the follow-up-organization of the HfG Ulm shall offer a platform to developers that work on sustainable, semiotic and material objects in order to promote a humanistic culture in design theory as well as practical work.

Prof. Dr. Martin Krampen